In order for your child to take full advantage of their lessons, please make sure to:
  • Correctly dress and equip them: winter jacket, heavy-duty mittens, ski goggles, sunscreen, tissues. 
  • Mark their skis and clothing with important contact information. 
  • Refrain from interrupting in any way your child during lessons. 
  • Let us know beforehand about any possible health problems regarding your child. 
  • Wearing a helmet is highly recommended for all children on the pistes. 
  • Leave it up to the instructors to decide if your child should change to a different level or lesson. 
  • Remember, your child is on holiday and the goal is that they have fun and want to come back. Therefore, respect the process and try not to force lessons on them that may be too advanced!


To ensure that lessons run smoothly, we ask that you comply with the following rules:  
  • Have on hand your card/lesson ticket at the beginning of both private and group lessons. 
  • Show your instructor before each lesson the ticket corresponding to the date and time of that specific lesson. 
  • Remember that each lesson card is personal and cannot be shared. 
  • Be on time for lessons, whether in groups or private: if you arrive late, lost time will not be made up. 
  • Have on hand a valid ski pass to attend lessons. 
  • Be properly dressed and prepared for cold weather.