tandem ski

Tandem Ski for the non-skiers

The skiers of the impossible can relive sensations, discover panoramas and experience the winter sports in their own way. You can go down the slopes surrounded by your family, with the possibility of taking 5 tandems at the same time. 


"Christophe, a 25 year old young man was looking forwards to his first snow holiday as a couple. But two weeks before leaving, while playing volleyball... the accident: a sprained ankle. He will not be able to ski with his young wife. A few hours of skiing in a tandem saved his holiday."

"Simone, a healthy grandmother, comes with her children and grandchildren to Les Karellis. They will offer her a ride with the tandem ski to discover the skiing area. All the family will be there to slide down the slopes. Maeva, 6, will thus be able to follow her grandmother, sitting comfortably in the tandem."

"Maryse et Jean-Pierre are two farmers from Brittany who had never seen a mountain before. They accepted this trip organised by the firemen association of their village. After a few days of walking, they decided to go and discover the full view from the top of the pistes, from 2500 metres high, with all the skiers from the joyful group. They can slide together, each one having their ski-chair and their driver, in a friendly atmosphere. What an experience! What memories!"

RATES tandem ski

Season 2019
1 lesson of 1 hour55,00 €