Advice for the parents

In order for your child to make the most of their lesson, please remember:
  • To equip them properly: anorak, mittens, glasses, sun cream, tissues
  • To write their names on their clothing and skis
  • To avoid following the lessons and call out to your child during their lessons
  • To inform us if your child has any health issue
  • That wearing a helmet is highly recommended for the children on the slopes
  • To let our instructor decide if a child needs to change class
  • That your child is on holiday and the aim is that they enjoy themselves and want to come back. So respect their rhythm and do not try to make them become a champion too early!

General recommendations

In order to allow a good working of the lessons, please respect the following rules:
  • Have your lesson card or ticket at the beginning of your group or private lesson
  • Show your instructor at the beginning of each lesson the correct ticket for this day and time
  • Please be aware that each lesson card is personal
  • Be on time at the beginning of each group or private lesson: any delay is included in the lesson
  • Have your ski lift pass in order to be able to take part in the lesson
  • Have the proper equipment and be warm enough

Sales conditions:

  • Private lessons which have not been cancelled before 5pm the day before will not be reimbursed
  • The formula "lessons + ski-lift pass" is not refundable
  • The 5 or 6 day passes (5 or 6 mornings or afternoons) are consecutive days
  • The ESF disclaims all responsibility for accidents to the equipment or the person that could happen to the students 
  • The ESF has the right to cancel or collapse its lessons if the number of people registered is below 5
  • The ESF is not responsible for the weather conditions, breakdown of ski lifts or any other accident. Therefore, there will be no cancellation nor postponement of the lessons
  • the ESF does not insure its students, we advise you to take the Carré Neige Insurance